Friday, December 30, 2011

Export all view data to Symphony SpreadSheet (.ods) from Notes

Call the following agent in an action button to export selected documents in the view to symphony Spreadsheet.

Note : For better output you have to map all required fields in the view. And it will also ask the path to save the file which contains the exported data.

Sub Initialize

On Error GoTo errorHandler

Dim ses As New NotesSession

Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace

Dim db As NotesDatabase

Dim doc As NotesDocument

Dim stuDetailsView As NotesView

Dim viewEntryCollection As NotesViewEntryCollection

Dim viewEntry As NotesViewEntry

Dim i As Integer

Dim j As integer

Dim cnam As Variant

Set db = ses.CurrentDatabase

Set stuDetailsView=db.GetView(”vwStudent”)

‘Assign ‘vwStudent’ view as NotesView

Set viewEntryCollection=stuDetailsView.AllEntries

‘ViewEntryCollection contains the handle of all documents in the view

Set viewEntry=viewEntryCollection.GetFirstEntry

‘View Entry have the handle of first document from the ViewEntryCollection

Dim fileNum As Integer

Dim fileName As String

fileNum = FreeFile()

‘Gives a file number between 0 to 255 which is currently free

Dim saveas As Variant

saveas = ws.SavefileDialog(False,,”Symphony Word | *.odt”,,”All Documents To Symphony Word.odt”)

‘Opens a file save dialog box and ask user where to save the Created document, The file name is default

If IsEmpty(saveas) Then

Exit sub

End If

fileName = saveas(0)

‘Assigning the filename with full path which is given by the user

Open fileName For Output As fileNum

‘Opens the created file with reference to the file number and ready to write in it

Print #fileNum,”

Student Details

‘ Document heading

Print #fileNum,”

‘Creates a table in center of the Symphony Document

Print #fileNum,”

‘Writes the Column header in the first row of the table

For j=1 To stuDetailsView.EntryCount

‘Loop runs for all documents in the view and exits

Print #fileNum,”

For i=0 To stuDetailsView.ColumnCount-1

‘Loop runs for all columns in the each documents in the view

Print #fileNum, “

‘Writes all column values inside the table in the documents corresponding to the view

Next i

Set viewEntry=viewEntryCollection.GetNextEntry(viewEntry)

‘ Getting the next entry from the collection

Print #fileNum,”

Next j

Print #fileNum,”

Student NameStudent RegNoDate of BirthDepartmentBatchCollege Name
” & viewEntry.ColumnValues(i) & “

‘Closes the table

Close fileNum

Print “Symphony Document Report Generated Successfully”

‘Displays this message in the status bar

Exit Sub


MsgBox “Line No :” & Erl()& Chr(13) &”Error : ” & Error()

‘ Prints the error and the line number where the error occurs

Exit Sub

End Sub

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