Friday, December 30, 2011

Excluding Saturday and Sunday from given two dates

Hi gus, with help of business days you easily find number days between two dates. But x-pages doesn’t support business day. So this is useful by the following java script and @formulas coding:

Step 1: Get the starting and ending date.

Step 2: Find total number of days between this two days

Step 3: Divide the result value in step2 by 7 and then multiply this value by 2

Step :4 Subtract this value from total days


var sd=getComponent(”StartDate”).getValue(); // Starting date

var ed=getComponent(”EndDate”).getValue(); //Ending date

var weekdays=0;

var days=@Day(ed)-@Day(sd);

if(@Month(sd)==”1.0″ || @Month(sd)==”3.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”5.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”7.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”8.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”10.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”12.0″)

//To find number days between two give dates

var months=(@Month(ed)-@Month(sd))*31;

if(@Month(sd)==”4.0″ || @Month(sd)==”6.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”9.0″ ||@Month(sd)==”11.0″)

var months=(@Month(ed)-@Month(sd))*30;


var months=@Month(sd)*28;

if(@Year(sd)%4==0) //If the give is year is leaf year

var years=(@Year(ed)-@Year(sd))*366;

else //Ordinary Year

var years=(@Year(ed)-@Year(sd))*365;

var tdays=days+months+years+1; //Total days


weekdays=Math.floor(tdays/7); //Calculate number of weeks

var ds=tdays-(weekdays*2); //number of days excluding Week start and end dates


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