Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wondering Evaluate in Xpage - @Formula in Xpage

I had a problem with finding a business day for an Leave Management Application,

 I was very new with Xpage, and I don't  know whether the session is working on our server. But Now I got an idea to calculate the Businessdays in efficient manner.

Note: That time I have calculated business days using CSJS, It exceeds more than 50 lines of coding. Because of the requirements and getting the Leave dates depends on different Location basis.

But now I got an interesting command in Xpage SSJS,

session.evaluate() is reducing our time and risky.

Here we can use our @formula, It is similar to @Eval.

"Not Case sensitive" - Nice Feature for Lotus notes developer.

Who told Notes is worse than other Language. No other language has a functionality like this.

see this link:- (Hard in JS)

Calculate B'Day[Exclude Sat and Sun]

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