Thursday, April 12, 2012

calling java script Library from Lotus script

Hi, Just I have reminded the things when I was as Trainee.

I have tested the javaObject. But now I got an issue with script Library - java.

Each time when I change the Script Library I need to delete the cache.

Step 1: Create Script Library as Name as "Java"

Use the code as follow,

public class Test {

public int x;
public int add(int a, int b)
return a+b+x+100;

public Test(int c)

Step 3: Create a new form and put one button there,

In Button option -> put Uselsx "*javacon" and use "Test"

Step 4: Use the code as follow in that button.,

On Error Goto e
Dim mySession As JavaSession
Dim myClass As JavaClass
Dim myObject As JavaObject
Set mySession = New JavaSession()
' Get Java "java.lang.Integer" class
Set myClass = mySession.GetClass("Test")
' Create a "java.lang.Integer" object
Set myObject = myClass.CreateObject("(I)V",20)
Msgbox myObject.add(1,2)
Exit Sub
Print "Error : " &Error &Erl()
Exit Sub

If you change the Script Library, You will get the problem as I mentioned in above.

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