Friday, April 27, 2012

website tracking in php

Yes really php is a efficient and nice user friendly tool for scripting.

I was in a job to track a website. And also word press form is my front- end. The site is in php.

So session variables is not possible to track. Because we can not retrieve the session variable in client side javascript. I have planned to set cookies for all tracked information using php. That is cool. I have written that in javascript. But I am not able to get the IP address in an efficient manner.
Please view :-

Here I am tracking my blog info. It is 20% of requirement. In javacsript, referrer makes me fool for some browser. And also there is no direct way to get the IP address of the visitor. We are in need of going some external provider.

So I moved to php. Using the CGI variable,we can easily manipulate the tracking info effectively.

Please view CGI variable in Xpage :-

Yes really wondered, Job done in right manner. right way. No Issues till now.

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