Friday, March 23, 2012

View Panel Layout is well format as Notes


Goto Window ---> Controls ---> View

In this way, the view columns are created uniquely but some times the categorized columns will not come as same as Notes view (Only for Multi category view). Sometime we can not get the view as shown in below...

See below screen shot:[Below is well formed view]


Add the following server-side JavaScript to compute the column’s style property,
i.e. All Properties > Styling > Style > Compute value:
if (rowData.isCategory()) {
// This API tells us if a category column is indented
var indent = rowData.getColumnIndentLevel();
// Insert padding for each indent level
if (indent == null || indent == 0) {
return “padding-left:0px”;
} else {
return “padding-left:10px”;
} // continue if deeper category levels exist ...


Createing view by following is good for categorized views.
Goto Window ---> Controls ---> Data --> Create view.

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