Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mail in HTML format

I have faced the mail content design problems from starting carrier...

But every time I am used to @ClientType() and manipulate the data depends on notes or web.

And I struggled with HTML content of mail for other mail domains.

I suffered a lot with 8.5.1...

I used NotesRichTextItem ParseHTML...

But Everything had failed in one situation...

use of NotesMIMEEntity class is working fine... But it needs to be declared each and every time,

I got a solution from Mark Leusink blog.,

He is telling nice solution for that.,

Do the following,

Step 1: Add the download file and put this code into your script library as "xpHTMLMail", Script code

Step 2: Add the following code into your button click.,

var mail = new HTMLMail();
mail.setTo( "" );
mail.setSubject( "Have a nice day!" );
mail.addHTML( "<b style=\"color:red\">Hai Have a Nice Day... <b>" );

For more info, click

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