Friday, January 27, 2012

How to create a document link in Browser (iNote)

I opened my mail box in browser not in notes.

I wanted to create a lotus notes document link in my new mail.

I copied my document as a document link. And I pasted it into my composed mail.

But the pasted content is like as XML data.

Like the following...

ForLearn - vwFirst

<REPLICA 80257982:0030ACD6>
<VIEW OF36506E63:CADCC181-ON80257982:0030EA23>
<NOTE OF721DA42A:B3B04ECE-ON80257990:003A7B90>

So I tried into a lot of way finally I got the solution for that...

I have pasted the document link into my same time chat...

Now it came like the following...


With the use of this we can easily send our document link to our client.

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